The IIRP Graduate School that I founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, offers training to help organizational leaders implement fair process in their workplace. Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace, is a two-day workshop. According to the IIRP Website:

“During this very personalized event, you will examine your own leadership style and characteristics through inventories and reflective processes. Participants share their own leadership challenges and receive support and feedback from others, to help build new organizational and implementation strategies.

Bethlehem Conference

“You will also learn about:

  • Building relationships with staff using practical supervision strategies
  • Responding to conflicts using an approach that repairs relationships
  • Effectively managing organizational change
  • Employing your strengths as a leader to overcome gaps and weaknesses”

Many people are employed in dysfunctional workplaces characterized by toxic relationships. However, by engaging staff in meaningful conversations, leaders can improve performance, resolve challenging issues and create healthy workplaces that satisfy people’s needs and reward them for their efforts.